P90X3 Week 12 Review (Results and Update)

ONE WEEK LEFT??!!  How crazy is that?  That’s right…Week 12 of P90X3 is done, meaning there is only one week left of my 90 day P90X3 experience.  However, my journey won’t end there, as I plan on doing the additional 4 week

P90X3 Week 11 Review (Results and Update)

Week 11 of P90X3 has whizzed by and I’m amazed at myself for how consistent I’ve been with this program.  I don’t know if I’m in a different mind set or if it’s the variety in the workouts or if it’s simply

P90X3 Week 10 Review (Results and Update)

Well, Week 10 of P90X3 has officially come and gone.  Last week I was sick, so this week was my recovery week and trying to get back at it!  Workouts were all good, but for some reason, my eating went a little