Focus T25 Beta Rip’T Circuit Review

The third workout in Focus T25’s Beta phase is called the Rip’t Circuit and is described as “Cardio, upper body, legs, abs. Repeat. That’s how Shaun T gets you ripped in 25 minutes.” To be honest, that’s a pretty accurate

Focus T25 Beta Speed 2.0 Review

Um…wow.  That’s how I’m going to describe Focus T25’s Beta Speed 2.0 workout.  When I popped in the DVD, I was fully expecting something similar to Alpha Speed 1.0, which involved a combination of speed and stability/stretch exercises. In essence,

Focus T25 Core Cardio Review (Beta Phase)

Now that I have officially started on week 6 of Focus T25, I have now entered the “Beta” Phase of the workouts. The Alpha phase flew by in a flash and I had a lot of fun throughout the first