Focus T25 Gamma Extreme Circuit Review

Today’s workout, Focus T25’s Gamma Extreme Circuit, is another total body workout that is broken down into five 5 minute sets.  You do four different exercises for 1 minute each followed by a burnout of those four exercises repeated for

Focus T25 Gamma Rip’T Up Review

Day 2 in the Gamma Cycle is the “Rip’T Up” DVD, which requires either dumbbells or resistance bands, a mat, and a chin up bar (optional). My one pet peeve in these DVDs is that Shaun T never recommends dumbbell

Focus T25 Gamma Speed 3.0 Review

Wow….or using one of Shaun T’s signature words, Focus T 25 Gamma Speed 3.0 was amazeballs.  I should have known walking into Gamma that I would be in for yet another slammin’ workout that would of course kick my butt, but,