PiYo Strong Legs Review

Okay, so my PiYo “Strong Legs” review is a wee bit overdue, because I got busy after doing it the first time and didn’t get a chance to write down my thoughts. Since I wanted it to be fresh, I decided to wait until I did it again before writing the review – hence the delay.

One thing worth mentioning is that my DVD appeared to be a bit glitchy. Part way through the workout, it freezes and I have to skip ahead a few minutes in order for it to keep working (I tried cleaning it, trying it in other DVDs, etc.). I contacted Beachbody customer service and they were happy to send me a replacement disc right away, so hats off to awesome customer service!

Anyway, back to the review. Strong Legs is part of the Strength workouts provided with the Deluxe kit. It is approximately 25 minutes long and, as with the Full Body Blast, uses the strength slides for added burn (don’t let those cute little blue guys fool ya!). You start with a basic warm up of squats and lunges, etc. You then start your first series, which is called Lunges, Bowlers, and Squats. Using the slides, you lunge back and forward with the right leg, progressively getting deeper and more intense throughout the lunges. You then peak by going slow back and forward, while touching the floor and pressing back as far as you can go. Trust me, you feel the burn!  You then use the same leg and proceed into bowler lunges, again getting progressively harder the more repetitions you do. Just when you’ve sufficiently burned off your behind, you switch legs and repeat the series on the opposite leg. You then proceed to wrap it up with some nice squats (ahh, a nice temporary break) and then a squat/lunge combination.  Ooooh yeah. The next series is called Skaters, Sumos, and Burpees. You start off with very small, simple skaters, which progressively increase in intensity, as with the last series.  It peaks at a point where you do a skater and then lunge back several times on one side before skating back to the opposite side. It hurts so bad but feels so good. You then ease up with some squats (a much appreciated break) and sumo squats. You then progress from a sumo squat into a one leg lunge back with your hand on the floor and finally into a full fledged burpee (these are tricky with those slides!). The next series is called Inner and Outer Plank. You start off in a regular plank and then drop down to your elbows where you then move one leg, using the slide, out to the side and back (you do with both legs and then alternate legs) – remember all while holding the plank!  Youch! You then go back into elbow plank and alternate your legs by sliding your knee up to your elbow, then sliding out to the side and both elbows in to your chest for a crunch. The next exercise involves you starting off in a plank, bringing both knees into the chest, and then sliding out into a wide triangle, back into your chest and legs straight back. You end the series with some on the floor mountain climbers (first narrow then wide). The next series is called Glutes and Hamstrings. You start on your back with your knees bent, your hips up, and your foot on one slide. You then slide your leg to the side and back, then side, back, in, and out, then just in and out. Repeat with the opposite leg. You then put both your feet on the slides, hips up, and alternate sliding one leg straight out and back. You then wrap it up with sliding your legs, while knees are bent, out to the sides and back in. You then finish the workout with a cool down.

Overall, I really liked this lower body workout. It definitely set my bottom half on fire and I could feel the burn (in a good way). There was a lot of variety and Chalene changes things up frequently to keep you interested and in the workout. The slides really add a little something extra to the workout – it’s surprising how much more challenging the moves are when you use them!  Please be sure to always use the slides as recommended in the DVDs and to follow the safety instructions. They are not simple to use, but definitely worth the extra burn you get. I’m pretty happy I invested the extra few dollars for the Strength DVD as I’ve really enjoyed both of the workouts and the use of the slides. Time to put another dollar in my Workout Tip Jar. Yay!

Happy exercising!

Please remember that I am not a doctor or a nutritionist or fitness expert.   All information I discuss on my blog is intended for inspiration and educational purposes and is not intended as a medical diagnosis or treatment. Before making any changes to your own health and fitness, I highly recommend speaking with your doctor.


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