PiYo Sculpt Review

Today’s PiYo workout called “Sculpt” was approximately 30 minutes long. Just as the name implies, it’s focus was full-body strength training using your own body weight as resistance.

Sculpt began with your typical warm-up and then jumped into the first series, which was called Squats, Bowlers, and Lunges (or something similar to that). You start by doing some basic squats and then do some lunges on one side, progress into lunging back and tapping forward (same leg), lunging to counts of four down and up, and pulsing lunges. You do this on both sides. You then do the same basic sequence using bowler lunges and follow up with some more squats. The next series (sorry I can’t remember it’s name – I don’t think I was watching the screen when it popped up…) starts with some downward dogs, raised and lowered lunges, downward dog with one leg up variations, and other typical PiYo moves. The third series was more focused on the Core and Arms and involved a series of pyramid push-ups where you start with the most difficult and progress to the easiest. You start on your toes with tricep push-ups, then regular push-ups, then tricep push-ups with one knee on the ground, regular push-ups with one knee on the ground, tricep push-ups with both knees on the ground and regular push-ups with both knees on the ground. You finish up with some V push-ups. The final series works on your buns, hamstrings and wraps up with a cool down.  You use a chair to start off with tricep dips, then get on the floor with your feet on the chair and do a series of hamstring exercises where you push-up your hips and down (with your legs in different positions).

Overall, I enjoyed this workout. It was a good full body workout and had lots of variety. As with the other workouts, there is a modifier as well as more advanced versions of the exercises. It’s nice at times not to have to really use any equipment (even the chair can be vetoed for just using the floor if you prefer).  All in all, a good workout.  Time to put another dollar in my Workout Tip Jar. Yay!

Happy exercising!

Please remember that I am not a doctor or a nutritionist or fitness expert.   All information I discuss on my blog is intended for inspiration and educational purposes and is not intended as a medical diagnosis or treatment. Before making any changes to your own health and fitness, I highly recommend speaking with your doctor.


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  1. I love reading your reviews! About to do sculpt for the first time. Near the end of my first month of Piyo. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and reading your posts has let me know what to expect with each workout

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