PiYo Drench Review

So today’s PiYo review of “Drench” is a bit overdue. I was supposed to do the workout a couple of days ago, but since it was the long weekend, it kind of got “put off.” Ooops.  Anyway, now that the weekend is over, I’m back at it and was excited to give the new workout a try.

Drench is, surprisingly, a pretty lengthy workout (compared to the others), coming in at just over 48 minutes long. I was pleasantly surprised. As with the other workouts, it’s broken down into different sections or series as I refer to them and requires a water, towel, and mat (optional). The cast does the workout in their bare feet using their mats, so that’s what I chose to do as well.

You start, as always, with a basic warm-up and then jump into the first series, which is called Heat, and let me tell you, it definitely gets you warm!  In Heat, you start in plank, then bend your knees down, do a tricep push up, downward dog, and runner’s lunge. You also do sun salutation 1 and sun salutation 2 (too lengthy for me to describe) a couple of times as well as a combination. Overall, it got my blood flowing and I was ready to see what else the workout had to offer. The next series was called Legs, so I knew I was going to feel some burn, and that I definitely did!  It brought me back a bit to the Full Body Blast in which my buns were on fire throughout. During this series, you start with a plank, and go into a low lunge, which flows into a knee up, into Warrior 3, and back down into lower lunge. You repeat this several times in which it gets progressively harder (and faster). You also, obviously, repeat on the other side. The next part of Legs is a progression where you start in a plank, flow into up dog, downward dog, and a series of lunges and knee lifts/leg kicks combinations, again getting progressively harder and faster. You then jump into bowler’s lunges, with a side knee raise, again getting harder/faster as you progress. You then get a “break” by doing speed skaters (and trust me, you NEED a break here – my butt was dying!) and some squats. You then repeat that on the other leg. Um, yeah. Wow. The next series is called Plank and Core, which is fairly self explanatory. You do squats, PiYo push-ups (with variations), planks, elbow planks (with alternate arm extensions), more planks, and downward dogs (and variations, such as split legs, knee in, etc.). Repeat for both sides. The next series is called Power and includes squats, speed skaters, lunges, and sumo burpees. I thoroughly enjoyed this progression (could be partly because I LOVE burpees…). The next series is called Flow and this reminded me a lot of the earlier videos in the calendar. It involves a lot more of your yoga-type poses, such as high lunges, warrior 2s, triangles, runner’s lunges, and PiYo flips. The last series is called Stretch and Strength and helps to cool you down. You kind of alternate between a strength move and a stretch move with exercises such as down dog with open split, tricep push-ups, pigeon, elbow plank, runner’s lunges, and so on.

Overall, I really liked this workout. I felt that it was quite a bit more challenging than some of the others (particularly in the earliest set of DVDs). It was a great length and had me sweating throughout.  I very much enjoyed the variety in the workout and the fact that it really covered so many different muscle groups. I even had to take some breaks at certain points, so it’s definitely a workout that I can continue to grow with and challenge myself. Definitely a thumbs up in my books! Time to put another dollar in my Workout Tip Jar. Yay!

Happy exercising!

Please remember that I am not a doctor or a nutritionist or fitness expert.   All information I discuss on my blog is intended for inspiration and educational purposes and is not intended as a medical diagnosis or treatment. Before making any changes to your own health and fitness, I highly recommend speaking with your doctor.


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