PiYo Hardcore on the Floor Review

Today’s PiYo workout, Hardcore on the Floor, was a bonus DVD that you get when you purchase through a coach. When I popped in the DVD, I was a bit surprised to see that it was just over 33 minutes long. Since most of the DVDs have been short and since core workouts (particularly bonus ones) tend to be on the shorter side, I was pleasantly surprised at the length of the workout.

As the name implies, you spend almost the entire workout on the floor (a yoga mat is optional). You start with a short warm-up to get your core ready for its obliteration and then jump into the first series, which was called Primal to Traditional. You start with some beasts and beast kick throughs and into a combination where you keep your kick through, roll back, roll back up and do a crunch. This was definitely a tough sequence, but it was kind of fun. You then do a series of V-sit combinations and oblique crunches. The second series is called Primal and includes exercises such as roll backs, pedals, side plank crunches, more beasts (including tapping knees) and Roman twists. By this point, those beasts were KILLER – everything was on fire (thighs, core, shoulders, oh my!). The third series was called Plank to Elbow Plank and obviously included a variety of plank exercises, including some down dog combinations. The last series was called the Back Extension and Cool Down where you do some superman type exercises and then a basic cool down to wrap it up.

Overall, I really enjoyed this core workout. It was challenging and had lots of variety, which made it interesting. There was a modifier as well as more advanced options for whatever your fitness level is. Chalene will often point out how to modify and when to try to challenge yourself. She, as always, provides excellent cues to make sure you are using proper form. This was not a workout I would consider easy, but one that I can definitely see myself growing stronger with. If you’re going to purchase PiYo, I’d recommend getting it through a coach, just so you can get this extra workout (it’s definitely worth it). Workout is done for the day and I got to put another loonie in the Workout Tip Jar. Yay! Oh, and it looks like we have a couple new workouts to try out in the next few days. In two days it will be Drench (which, c’mon, just sounds awesome) and I believe the other is Strong Legs (a part of the Deluxe Kit).  Looking forward to the next few workouts!

Happy exercising!

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