PiYo Buns Review

Today’s PiYo workout was called “Buns” and let me tell you, it does not disappoint. My buns, my buns, my buns were on fiya!

The workout itself is just over 28 minutes and does not require the PiYo mat, just a towel (optional) and water.   It starts, as per usual, with a basic warm-up (very similar to the other workouts). The first series is titled squats and sumos, which has a natural progression of narrow squats, bowler lunges, and clockwork lunges, then repeats with wider squats, and finally with sumo squats. There were also burpees thrown in, wahoo. I’m actually one of those people that actually loves squats, so I really enjoyed this first section and was starting to feel the burn.

The second series was Lunges and Bowlers, which pretty much sums it up (a series of lunges and bowler lunges with some squats thrown in).

The third series was KILLER…boy was my booty feeling it here!  This series was called Last Blast and during it Chalene brings you down to the floor where you start off on your hands and knees. You start with your right leg and do a variety of moves, such as moving your leg back, to the right, back and in, and repeating for sufficient burn. Then, you keep your leg back and up and do circles, followed by keeping your leg back and doing a toe touch and up. Yeeaaahhh…if your booty is not feeling it, you have a STRONG behind (well, at least stronger than mine!).  Just because your butt hasn’t worked enough, you then drop into low plank with more booty burning moves. Just when you think you cannot last any longer (or perhaps you’ve already crashed or had a couple of mini breaks), Chalene allows you to go into pigeon (ahhh…how I love Pigeon).  You then swing around so that you are laying on your back with your right leg crossed over top of your bent right knee. You then do some bridges followed by a mini break of rotating knees and then you repeat the entire thing with your left leg.

Finally, there is a short cool down and you are officially done.

This is actually one of my favorite workouts so far in the program. It really did what it was supposed to (killed those buns). It had a really smooth progression and worked your lower body well. It’s nice not having to worry about weights or reps and just following Chalene’s cues and enjoying the good burn. As always, there is a modifier for those who need that option.

Overall, I loved this workout. I was feeling sore from going for a long run yesterday, so I was feeling pretty tight and was a little unsure what I was signing up for with this DVD. However, it felt really good and got the job done. It looks like I have another new video in a couple of days, so I’m pretty excited about that. Tune back, soon! Oh,and of course, I got to put yet another dollar in the Workout Tip Jar. Wahoo!

Happy exercising!


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