PiYo Core Review

Today’s PiYo workout was called “Core” and *insert suspenseful music here* therefore focused on the core (woah). I actually like that the DVD titles are very reflective of the workout you’re about to get – it makes it simple. The workout is about 30 minutes long and works ALL of your core in natural progressions. As with the other workouts, it’s broken down into different series, which helps make the time pass more quickly and helps build up the intensity of the workout.

The first part of your workout is a stretch to get your core ready for it’s beating. After you’ve warmed up, you enter into the Standing Core series, which was one of my favorites. I actually really enjoy standing core work, so this was a nice way to start off the workout. Standing Core included moves such as standing crunch progressions and a standing lunge progression (reminded me a bit of bowler lunges, but not exactly). The second series are Prone Exercises where you do a series of down dogs, splits, planks, side planks, and PiYo pike combinations (i.e. down dog split into a plank; plank with a knee in and out, etc.). There were definitely some tricky maneuvers in this mix that I have to build up to in order to have a better technique. Love that there’s a challenge for me. The next series is called Supine and Side Plank, which definitely reminded me a bit more of your typical core exercises, with different combinations of biking ab moves (criss cross, pushing on your knee, arms up, etc.). You then jump into a slow roll-up and from there into some more side planks and PiYo pikes.  Again, a really great progression that works different parts of your abs. The final series was called PiYo pedal and punter, which included exercises such as pedal combinations and side plank combinations (i.e pulling knee in, kicking leg out). Again, a bit tricky but worth the effort!  Afterwards you end with a short cool down.

Overall, I actually really enjoyed this workout. Chalene, as always, provides excellent cues and models each move clearly. There is a modifier for those who need it and she often gives tips to make the exercises a bit more challenging.  The workout has a nice pace so you don’t feel like you’re dying (just when you think you can’t do a move for longer, she generally switches it up or gives you a little break). Yet, despite that, it’s still a super good workout for your core. Again, though, I feel like I’ll probably use PiYo as a supplement to some other programs. I don’t feel like I’m burning a ton of calories, but the program itself seems like something that is often missing from other programs. I haven’t yet today, but I may add in a run or a T25 later to just burn off some extra calories. If you’re beginning a workout program, however, this may be a really good fit or if you’re a veteran workout junkie and your body is beat up, you may want to do this to give your body a break or to use as a supplement to some of your other workouts.

The more I do PiYo, the more I can see its effectiveness and its much needed place in an overall fitness regime. I’m looking forward to wrapping up week 2!  Plus, I get to put yet another tip into Workout Tip Jar. Wahoo!

Happy exercising!


Please remember that I am not a doctor or a nutritionist or fitness expert.   All information I discuss on my blog is intended for inspiration and educational purposes and is not intended as a medical diagnosis or treatment. Before making any changes to your own health and fitness, I highly recommend speaking with your doctor.


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