PiYo Sweat Review

Today’s PiYo workout was called “Sweat” and was just over 36 minutes long. I actually quite enjoyed this workout. It was more challenging than the previous two and a bit faster paced.

Sweat starts off with a basic warm-up and then goes into a couple of different series. The first series is called Heat, which is a combination of downward dogs, lunges, planks, squats, among other combinations. It definitely gets your blood flowing and your sweat starting. The second series was called Lower Body and includes exercises such as lunges, knee lifts, warriors, three point balances, and side to side skates.  The third series was called Plank and Core and included moves such as up dogs, down dogs, PiYo push-ups, and leg splits. The fourth series, Power, was probably my favorite as it included a variety of squats and even burpees (yay!). It was definitely the series that pumped up the sweat factor and got me moving more quickly.Finally, you end with Stretch and Strength to cool you on down.

Each of the series have a natural progression where Chalene talks you through each move and progresses/combines exercises to make the workout more challenging. By the end of the workout, I definitely had a good sweat on and felt like I had accomplished a very good workout. It wasn’t the same intensity say as Insanity or P90X3, but it was still an excellent workout. One of the aspects I’m enjoying right now about PiYo is simply that it’s low-impact. I’ve been killing my body lately with all my high-impact workouts, so it’s a really nice change to work up a sweat without putting as much pressure on my joints. As with the other PiYo workouts, there is a modifier who shows you different ways to make the moves easier or more manageable for certain exercisers. Because there is so much core and shoulder work, I can definitely foresee some nice definition happening after the next 60 days.

Overall, this workout made me feel the burn (in a good way), lived up to its name (sweat), and was pretty fun overall. Not being a huge fan of Pilates or Yoga, I’ve actually been surprised at how much I have been enjoying these workouts. I don’t find them “boring” as I’ve found some pilates or yoga workouts, which, for me, is  huge in any workout (if I’m bored, I’m not going to stick with it).

Again, if you want some easy motivation, check out Workout Tip Jar or find an accountability partner or challenge group.

Happy exercising!


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