PiYo Define: Upper Body Review

Today’s second PiYo workout was called “Define: Upper Body”. As with the Lower Body DVD, it was quite short (this one was just over 18 minutes long). You jump right into the workout which focuses on the upper body (no kidding, eh?), with a wide range of exercises from tricep push-ups to planks to beast moves. I definitely felt my core throughout the workout and again appreciated Chalene’s very clear instructions and cues.

I found the Upper Body DVD to be a little more challenging than the Lower Body video. I definitely had a “glow” (aka light sweat) after wrapping up the workout. Again, the DVD seems like a bit of an introduction for what’s to come and I didn’t find it as challenging as some of the past workouts I’ve done. Nevertheless, I did enjoy the workout and liked that it was short (it would be easy to add it onto one of my harder cardio sessions or even to pair it up with the Lower Body video).  As with the previous workout, there is a modifier as well as options to make the moves more advanced. There were definitely areas that I need to improve upon with this workout (i.e. those dang tricep push-ups…they always kill me!), so it’s nice to see that I can grow with this workout. I’ve been feeling a bit “off” the past week, so these past two days have been a nice gradual jump back into my typical workout routine.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s workout, which I believe is called “Sweat.”  Sounds promising!

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