A Sneak Peek at PiYo and the “Align: The Fundamentals” DVD

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, but alas with the arrival of yet another new workout program, I thought it would be a good time to start updating this site.  Since P90X3, I’ve been doing Insanity and incorporating some running, which has been fun. I knew PiYo would be coming out in June, so it was a good fit while I awaited my new program.

Earlier this week, PiYo finally arrived! Wahoo!  I’m always like a kid on Christmas when I get a new program – it’s super exciting for me and I love trying new DVDs and workouts.  New programs are fun, different, and keep my interest piqued.  So when PiYo arrived, I was pretty giddy. 🙂

I purchased the Deluxe version that includes 10 workouts (11 if you purchase through a coach), a quick start guide, a 60 day workout calendar (two different versions), strength slides and booties, an eating plan, a tape measure, and a yoga mat.

The eating plan was very simple, and, to be honest, I was a bit disappointed with the lack of recipes included.  The guide/plan itself seems fairly easy to follow (it’s a three-step plan) and breaks down what you need to be eating in a day based off your calories. What you eat is separated into Primary Vegetables, Secondary Vegetables and Grains, Fresh Fruit, Lean Protein, and Healthy Fats. There is a list of different foods that fit into each category and it specifies how many servings of each you get in a day. One of my favorite aspects of getting these food guides is the new recipes I get to try out. Sadly, however, there really wasn’t a recipe section. The closest thing that was included in the guide was a sample “day” of eating.

Aside from that, the quick start guide breaks down each of the DVDs and what you need to do in order to get started on the program. Basic and easy to follow. I’ve opted to follow the Strength version of the Calendar, as it incorporates the extra Deluxe videos. Today’s workout was called “Align: The Fundamentals.”

In essence, Align isn’t really what I would call a “workout” so much as it is a guide for you to watch and follow so that you are prepared for the moves in the upcoming workouts. Chalene carefully breaks down a variety of moves for you with very clear instructions and cues. In addition, she has a modifier that she shows you as well as options for more advanced exercisers.  Even though this DVD wasn’t necessarily the most fun, sweat-dripping workout, it’s extremely important for everyone to do prior to jumping into the workouts. Having the fundamentals before you start will better prepare you for the workouts so that you do not injury yourself and so that you get the most out of your workouts.

I’m curious and excited to see what the next 60 days bring and look forward to having you join me on this new journey!

Again, if you want some easy motivation, check out Workout Tip Jar or find an accountability partner or challenge group.

Please remember that I am not a doctor or a nutritionist or fitness expert.   All information I discuss on my blog is intended for inspiration and educational purposes and is not intended as a medical diagnosis or treatment. Before making any changes to your own health and fitness, I highly recommend speaking with your doctor.

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