P90X3 X3 Ab Ripper Review

This is kind of an addendum to my last post as I did it on the same day as I did Complex Upper (it’s on the schedule with it).  This P90X3 workout – X3 Ab Ripper – is shorter than the rest, rounding out at 15 minutes.  I was already pretty spent from Complex Upper, so I was a bit unsure of what to expect (particularly when Tony explains that it’s 8 of the hardest ab exercises put on DVD…*gulp*).

I almost felt like Tony was messing with my head. First he warns you of the extreme ab punishment you’re about to endure, then he throws Tin Man Windmills at you, which to be frank, were pretty easy. I should have known it would end there.  After your leisurely introduction, he then throws some really killer ab exercises at you, including Dolphin Hops (these start off not too bad but by the 15th rep, my abs and shoulders were dying), C-Y Reaches (again, not tooooo bad), sphinx crunch holds (the sphinx always gets me…), 5-Way Abrinomes (I actually love these, but my husband begs to differ), hip drop twists (challenging, but really fun), bridge burners (ouch), and speed bikes to burn you out (oi vay!).

Overall, I really enjoyed this short ab attack. It had a good variety of different exercises that worked different parts of your core, so it kept it interesting and thorough.  It seems like it would be an easy DVD to add to other workouts when you’re looking for a little extra in the ab department.  Thumbs up from me.


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