P90X3 Final Results (Review and Update)

Well, my 90 days of P90X3 are officially over. The last three months seriously flew by and I am so proud of myself for sticking with the program for so long.  My results are good (not jaw dropping, but incredible for me!).  They are actually much better than I expected (c’mon 30 minutes a day!).  Not only have I lost weight and inches, but I’ve gotten so much more energy and well-being from this program. I feel amazing, strong, happy, and healthy. My journey is not over – I still have plenty more weight to lose and more muscle to build, but I’m on the right path.

But, I know why you’re really reading this and it’s not to see how enlightened I am about my new-found health – it’s to see what my results actually were and if the program is worth the moola, time, and energy! So here we go…

P90X3 Classic Schedule Final Results

Total Weight Loss – 17 lbs (which is an additional 3.8 lbs since Month 2 – this was a bit discouraging at first, as 4 lbs doesn’t seem like a lot, but clearly more was happening in my body as you’ll see with the measurements below…)

Total Inches Lost:


Block 1 Change

Block 2 Change

Block 3 Change

Day 90 Total Results


– 1 inch

– ¼ inch

– ½ inch

– 1 ¾ inches


– ½ inch


– 1 inch

– 1 ½ inches

Natural Waist

– 1 ¾ inches

– 1 inch

– ½ inch

– 3 ¼ inches

Belly Button

– 1 inch

– 1 inch

– ½ inch

– 2 ½ inches


– 1 ½ inches

– 1 inch

– 1 ½ inches

– 4 inches


– 1 inch

– 1 inch

– 1 inch

– 3 inches




– ¼ inch

– ¼ inch


– 1 inch/thigh

– ¾ inch/thigh

– ½ inch/thigh

– 2 ¼ inches

Total Change

– 7 ¾ inches

– 5 inches

– 5 ¾ inches

– 18 ½ inches

That’s right, despite only losing 3.8 lbs in month 3, I still lost 5 3/4 inches with a total inch loss of 18 1/2 inches.

On to the before/after pics.  Now this part was probably the most difficult for me.  I still have more progress to make and I’m a pretty private person (I don’t exactly want my picture sprawled everywhere).  I decided to make a compromise…to post pictures of just my body so I retain some privacy but also display the see-for-yourself results of the program. So here they are:


Fit Test Results

At this point, you’re probably tired of reading, so I’ll be brief.  Essentially, I improved on every area of the fit test.  You can see my results below:




* improved by doing an additional 5 more pull-ups with much less support

Vertical Jump

* jumped 1 inch higher


* can do 25 more push ups on my toes than initially


* can stretch 3 ¾ inches farther

Wall Squat

* doubled my wall squat time (lasted 1 minute 38 seconds longer)

Bicep Curls

* did 5 more reps

In and Outs

* did 20 more in and outs

Jumping Jacks

* heart rate recovered much more quickly


Final Thoughts

Overall, I was super impressed with this program and my results.  Yes, I don’t go from where I was to being super ripped, but I have definitely shown major improvements in all areas. I lost a much needed chunk of weight, dropped inches, and gained incredible energy and a higher overall level of fitness.

Of course, buying this program isn’t going to guarantee you results – you have to put in the time and energy. You need to follow the exercise schedule and, more importantly, the food guide. If I was eating poorly, I never would have attained the results I did.  Beachbody pretty much hands you a recipe for success, but you are the one that needs to f0llow through in order to be successful. To do this, you need to follow the guide and use whatever tools you can to help you succeed, whether it’s downloading Workout Tip Jar or finding an accountability partner or challenge group.  I believe that you can succeed. If I can (who has pretty much struggled with her weight since Grade 1), then you can, too. 🙂

What’s Next?

Now that I’ve officially completed the P90X3 Classic Schedule, what’s next on the agenda for me?  Well..I’m not stopping there!  I’m going to continue on and complete the additional P90X3 Elite Block (4 extra weeks which incorporates three new workout videos).  I’m pretty excited to try the new DVDs and to see what 4 extra weeks can bring me results-wise.  I’m noticing that the elite block is pretty strength-based, so I may incorporate some extra cardio along the way (maybe throw in some running or Insanity videos).

Have any of you finished P90X3?  I’d love to hear your results!  Please share below! 🙂



Please remember that I am not a doctor or a nutritionist or fitness expert.   All information I discuss on my blog is intended for inspiration and educational purposes and is not intended as a medical diagnosis or treatment. Before making any changes to your own health and fitness, I highly recommend speaking with your doctor.


12 thoughts on “P90X3 Final Results (Review and Update)

  1. Hi there,
    I was searching some motivational stuff as I have started my P90x3 workout. I did Agility today its my second day. read your final words and it has motivated me. I hope I get there too, best of luck in future. Thank you.

    • Hi Shaikh!

      I’m glad that my final words motivated you! P90X3 is an amazing program and I’m sure if you stick with it and follow a healthy eating plan that you will find success! Just think of how much your body can change in the next 90 days. It’s an exciting journey that you have begun and I truly believe that you can succeed. Good luck on your journey!


    • Thanks! I think you and your wife will love the program! It goes by really quickly and definitely works if you stay committed! Best of luck!!

    • Thanks! I think you’ll love the program. It’s especially nice since it’s only 30 minutes long (for busy moms!). Good luck on your journey!!

  2. Hi there, I came across your site to see what people did after completed the P90X3 Classic schedule the first time (I’m currently on my last week!). Did you end up doing the 4 weeks of Elite Block? If so, would you recommend doing it right after? I am a father of 3 young children, so these 30 minute workouts are perfect for me, I do them each night as soon as the kids go to bed. I didn’t do the fit test at the beginning unfortunatley, but I am definitely stronger and have better balance since I started, and can do a lot more pull-ups! Thanks!! Steve

    • Hi Steve!

      Congrats on being almost done the Classic Schedule! It goes by fast, doesn’t it?

      My husband and I did do the 4 week Elite block right after finishing the Classic Schedule. We were in the P90X3 “zone” and felt that it made sense and fit into our already established routine. I thought it was a natural transition and we felt it helped keep up the momentum.

      Best of luck!

      • Hi Angela, thanks for letting me know, the 90 days sure did go by fast. I feel like I’m still in the zone too, so I’ll give the Elite block a go. I’m actually missing the resistance/tough workouts this final week, though Accelerator was pretty intense yesteray. I’ll be well rested for the beginning of Elite block at least! What did you do when you finished Elite Block??
        Thanks again! Steve

        • Hi Steve!

          After I finished the Elite Block I think I ended up going back and doing some Insanity. In retrospect, I wish I had done some sort of a hybrid (i.e. like Insanity mixed with P90X or P90X2 or even P90X3) just to keep up with the weight lifting. My husband ended up doing Body Beast again right after we finished the Elite block, which I think was a more natural progression.

          Take care,


  3. Great job with your results. what initially brought me to your blog is that I just completed block 1 and I haven’t lost any weight 🙁 needless to say, I am feeling very discouraged. I’m trying to lose 10 lbs in total as I had a baby a year ago and I’ve struggled to shed those last lbs. how much weight did you lose within your first month ?

    • Hi Kenessi,

      I believe when I finished my first month, I’d lost about 7 lbs. Are you sticking close to the nutrition guide? I know if I hadn’t really watched my nutrition and food intake that I probably wouldn’t have had as good results. Also remember that I had more than 10 lbs to lose and that you’re probably also building muscle throughout the program, so even if your weight hasn’t changed, you may want to check your measurements and how your clothes fit. I’d encourage you to keep sticking with the program but definitely keep an eye on your nutrition and the nutrition guide. Sometimes it takes a tweak here or there to find what works for you and your body! Remember that you’re doing amazing simply by doing the program, so your moving in the right direction! Best of luck!

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