Week 9 Review (Results and Update)

So this week of P90X3 has been kind of chaotic and a weird mish mash, because I unfortunately got pretty sick.  I went from feeling fine, enjoying the new workout video (Decelerator) to having chills, cold sweats, fatigue, fever, runny nose, and a nasty cough!  Needless to say, I was out of commission for a few days and had lots of bed rest this week.  Normally when I get hit with the flu (assuming that’s what it was), I’m out for a good week (or longer).  But after about three days in bed with lots of rest and liquids, I started bouncing back to normal.  I attribute this to the past two months of just being healthy (eating well, exercising).  The first day back to exercising, I really took it easy (no need to fall back into being sick right away) and when I started feeling stronger, I doubled up to try catch up to my schedule.  Not an ideal week, but not bad for having gotten hit with the flu bug.

Obviously, this week wasn’t one where I was feeling amazing with tons of energy, but I did manage to lose another 2 lbs, bringing my total loss now to 15.2 lbs.  Because of the odd week, I can’t really attribute that specifically to P90X3, as it was probably more due to being sick.  I’m more curious to see how Week 10 turns out when I’m back to normal.  On the plus side, though, Week 9 brought back one of my favorite DVDs – The Challenge.  Not ideal, because I wasn’t at 100%, but still fun to do nonetheless.  Plus, I still kicked my old results in the butt!  I was able to do at least 1 more pull-up (with less assistance) each time than previously and seriously destroyed my push-up numbers!  It actually amazes me how many more push-ups I can do on my toes now than ever before.  It had been a while since I did the Challenge (back in Week 3), so it was neat seeing how much I’ve improved in that time. I was also noticing my “guns” as my husband refers to them, and they are getting much more defined.  I’m loving how my shoulders and biceps are shaping up!  I’ve also reduced the amount of support my chin-up assist gives me, so next week will be a bit more challenging and I’ll be inching my way slowly to eventually doing pull-ups without support.

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