P90X3 MMX Review

Fun – that was what today’s P90X3 workout, MMX, was. It was a heart-pumping, adrenaline-rushing feast of jabs, kicks, crosses, hooks, sprawls, knees, and elbows. As you could probably tell from the title, MMX is a mixed martial arts type workout (as Tony calls it, Mixed Martial Arts to the eXtreme).

A tip for those of you who haven’t yet done or experienced the wonders of MMX, preview the workout first.  Being someone who loves punching/kicking videos (started with Tae Bo in my teens and graduated to Turbo Jam, TurboFire, and Les Mills Combat in adulthood), even I had to pause at times, watch what the combo looked like and then rewind to start at the beginning so that I could get the max out of this workout. The nice thing is that it tells you the combo before you begin each exercise, but it’s sometimes a bit vague or confusing, so I had to watch them first and then go back and restart.  Next time, I’ll be able to do the workout straight through as I’ll remember the moves.  If I had previewed it, I probably wouldn’t have had to pause as much.

Despite having to pause at times, I was dripping with sweat by the end of the workout.  In retrospect, I probably shouldn’t have laid down on my carpet afterwards, as I’m sure it won’t be smelling like roses anymore…  The workout itself was filled with lots of variety (different combos, different moves, etc.), which kept it fun and interesting. In addition, each combo only lasted about 30 seconds on each side, so we were changing things up constantly, which kept me interested and having fun throughout. One of the drawbacks, at times, of TurboFire and Les Mills Combat is that they sometimes repeat the combo for too long, which can get a bit boring at times. Don’t get me wrong, I love those workouts and plan to go back and do them again, but in comparison, they aren’t always as riveting as this particular video.  In this way, it kind of reminded me of T25 – ever changing, fast paced, and working your butt off.

One of the things that made this workout so intense were the sprawls (think: burpees) added throughout. Not only are they integrated into combos, but they are packed in the last minute burnout where you do jabs/sprawls on Tony’s cues.  It definitely squeaks out your last ounce of energy at the end.

All in all, an awesome and exhilarating workout.  I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end the first week of Block 2.  Another well-earned tip goes into my Workout Tip Jar

So, have you ever done any other mixed martial arts type videos and how do you think they compare to MMX?  Comment below! 🙂


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