P90X3 Incinerator Review

Today’s P90X3 workout was Incinerator – and just like it sounds, it was a killer! The whole focus of this DVD is to burn you out and that’s what it does.  The goal for this workout is failure – which, in this case, means success. To fail, you need to push yourself to your limits until you have nothing left to give.

Throughout the DVD, you do back-to-back exercises that target a specific muscle group (i.e. lats, triceps, biceps, etc.). The first exercise targets muscle growth, while the second is meant to push you to your limit in order to fail. For example, the first exercise you do is the renegade row, followed by pull-ups.  For the exercises, you either have to do 10 reps (i.e. rows, flies, monkey pumps) or the max number of reps in a certain time frame such as 30 seconds (i.e. push-ups, pull-ups, flippers).  With many of the exercises you need dumbbells or resistance bands. A minor pet peeve I have of P90X3 videos is that Tony doesn’t often recommend or ask his cast what they are using (I find this helps me to judge what to use). He did, however, ask his cast a few times throughout this video and would occasionally caution you to choose a lower weight (i.e. for the monkey pump, he mentions that he had to work up to 15 lbs, so I knew to go light here), which was helpful.  Nevertheless, because we record our weights/reps on the recording sheet, I can better judge what I need to choose for next time.

Overall, I really enjoyed this workout. I didn’t find it as crazy intense as Eccentric Upper, but it was still deadly. I think next time I’ll find the workout even harder and more challenging, because I’ll be choosing my weights with better accuracy and will know what each exercise entails (sometimes, I had to stop to watch what the exercise was, rewind, and then do it).  I can definitely see that I’m getting stronger and just more fit, which is super exciting. I decided to lower the support of the pull-up assist to make pull-ups and chin-ups more challenging. At the start, I never would have been able to do pull-ups with this reduced amount of support, which is a major indicator of how far I’ve come.  I can also do way more push-ups on my toes than ever before, and I rarely have to drop down to my knees, which is a bit shocking (for me).  I still haven’t conquered the pesky military push-ups, but they will come (oh, my poor, wimpy triceps).  I’m always jealous when I watch my husband do them, because he has perfect form and makes them look so easy.

As a side note, the cast in this video were ridiculously ripped. Just simply…wow.

Another tip for my Workout Tip Jar. Excited to try tomorrow’s new video – MMX!


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