P90X3 Isometrix Review

Today’s P90X3 workout, Isometrix, was quite a bit different than the previous workouts in the rotation. I was pretty much expecting this, however, as it’s the final week in the first block of the Classic calendar and it’s probably taking down the intensity before we go bounding into the next block of what I imagine to be a flurry of strength and cardio chaos (and bliss).

I’m having some trouble articulating my thoughts on the workout itself. Basically, I neither love nor hate it. It passed by fairly quickly, accomplished what it was supposed to, and was easy to follow. It definitely works your core strength; as the fitness guide states, the workout consists of combining “isometric contraction with instability to make your core rock solid.” Each exercise involves using static strength to hold your position while in an unstable position. You alternate between a plank-like movement (plank, left arm stretch; plank left arm, right leg lift; forearm side balance; one arm sphinx, bound dog, etc.) with a balancing movement (standing right leg extension; royal dancer; tree pose, etc.).

Throughout the workout, Tony declares how much he loves the routine and how much sweat should be pouring down you. Now, it’s not like I was dry and relaxing, but I definitely wasn’t dripping in my own pool of sweat at the end of the workout like I did with Focus T25 or with many of his other DVDs. Not to say this wasn’t a good workout – it was, but in a different way. The moves definitely challenged my core strength and it leaves me with huge (massive? gargantuan?) room for improvement on many of the exercises. Perhaps it’s just me. I love nailing a workout and wrapping it up looking like I swam a race, yet I know a well-balanced exercise program needs to incorporate these types of workouts and that I will eventually adjust to not always having to look like a red tomato by the end. I’m getting used to it (hey, I’m still doing the yoga video, aren’t I?).  I’ll keep doing this video whenever it’s in the cycle, but I know I’ll never be dying to do it, and that’s okay by me. At least I get another dollar in my Workout Tip Jar, eh?


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  1. I recently started P90X3 and I just wrapped up Isometrix as I write this. To be honest I felt the same way, I’m not drenched so I must’ve not had a full workout. However your post made me more at ease about the lack of a muscle shirt that’s changed color.

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