iPhone App #2 – Flower Hangman



So it’s official, My husband’s and my second collaborative iPhone app is now for sale!  It’s called Flower Hangman, which is fairly self explanatory – it’s the game of hangman but instead of hanging a man, you take away flower petals from a flower. If all the petals fall off, then you lose.

Where’d we get the idea from? Well, being a teacher, I play my own version of Flower Hangman all the time with my students (although we have specific words that we are using to help with spelling/vocabulary, etc.).  The kids absolutely love playing the game, and I like the fact that it’s a non-violent, child-friendly version. Plus, it’s super easy for the kids to see when they’re getting close to losing, so they really think hard about their letter selection and start developing strategies for figuring out what the word could be.

For the purposes of this iPhone game, we decided to use lots of words so that you could play the game repeatedly and not have to worry about running out of words (or automatically knowing what the words are based off of the number of blanks). Rather, we decided to include thousands of words, which are then separated into three levels (short words, medium-length words, and long words). We also went through the word list and deleted any inappropriate words, so as not to offend anyone and to make it more child-friendly.

The app itself is probably one of my husband’s nicest looking ones. It has sound effects, animation, and attractive graphics. The alphabet is on cute looking apples, which fade away after you select the letter (so you don’t try select it again by accident). A nifty thing, too, is that the vowels are a different colored font than the consonants so that children can easily differentiate them.


Even though the app is purposely made to be child-friendly, it is actually pretty fun for all ages (I know I’m a bit of a dork, but, yes, I absolutely love playing it).  It’s one of those games that’s super simple, but addicting at the same time.

For future purposes, my husband and I have some ideas in mind to potentially make another version that is even better suited for our younger children, but we wanted our first version to be of interest to people of all ages (so even bored moms and dads, grandpas and grandmas, older siblings, etc. could find entertainment with it as well).

If you’re interested in a fun, yet educational game, check it out here!

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