P90X3 Warrior Review

Today’s P90X3 workout was The Warrior. You pretty much already know that you’re in for 30 minutes of pain when the DVD itself is called something like the Warrior. The workout itself was derived from Tony’s experiences working with the U.S. Armed Forces and is an equipment-free, total body workout that is a combination of upper- and lower-body resistance mixed in with core and cardio “fun.”

Still being sore from this week’s workouts, I was a little apprehensive about the workout and I’m sure I probably wimped out during some of the exercises (there were a lot of plank/push-ups and my arms were still feeling it from The Challenge DVD). You start off with the usual warm-up that takes about 3 minutes to get your body warm and stretched and ready to go for the brutality you’re about to incur. The first circuit that you do is a plank sphinx push-up (yeah…not starting soft here at all), followed by speed skaters (not too challenging) and down dog crunches (umm…not easy…), and ending with side lunge jump shots (reminded me a bit of Asylum). You then get a short break (thank goodness…) and proceed into the second circuit of elevator push-ups (seriously these killed my already sore muscles), double uppercut sprawls (fun!), roller boats (oddly comforting), and ending with one leg jump squats (I loved the challenge for my balance). After another short break you jump into thumbs up push ups (I was a disaster here), elbow, over the top elbow, sprawls (even more fun!), fifer scissor twists (I wasn’t looking pretty here), and warrior squat lunges (a little confusing at first). Tony then calls for a super burpee (at this point, I’m debating whether to run screaming from the room), but he does provide two modifications. The super burpee wasn’t actually as scary as it sounded, and I actually LOVED doing it. I really can’t wait to perfect my form on the super burpee, but again I have a weird love for burpees…We then do some think drills, which are basically shuffling feet with cues from Tony (arms up, arms out, set, etc.) followed by abrinomes (core exercises which are a bit easier than the earlier ones), and wrap it up with superman squats. The superman squats start off fairly simple and then get more difficult as we proceed (360 degree squat jumps! Eek…I think my husband was laughing at me at some points).

Overall, I thought the Warrior was an excellent total body workout. It was pretty fun to do, had nice variety, and worked your whole body. I also like that Tony changes intensity or challenges you during the exercises to go harder, faster, etc., which keeps you better focused and more into each movement. For each exercise, he also has a modifier and seemed to be a bit better at pointing out proper form than I have noticed in the past. Again, the workout went very quickly, but not as exhausting as T25 (in my opinion), but still intense and entertaining (and it was nice getting a few much needed breaks).

Time to add another dollar to my Workout Tip Jar! Happy exercising!


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