My First iPhone App – Workout Tip Jar!


Naturally, the first iPhone app I was to create melded together my two passions – fitness and programming!  Of course, I say “my” in a very liberal way – the app was primarily created by my husband, whereas I mainly observed and provided input/suggestions. So yes, technically, the app is not my, but his, creation. However, it is my first step in the app-making direction.

Why did my husband create the app and not I? First, I am not yet at a technical place where I could comfortably create an app independently. Second, the language I have been learning is JavaScript, not Objective-C, which is what Apple uses. Ergo, if I were to have attempted to create this app by myself, it would have been a disaster (or taken forever…or both…). Third, it provided me with an excellent education on app-making/programming for an experienced and highly deft programmer.

So…what exactly is the app?  It is called “Workout Tip Jar,” and that’s exactly what it is – a tip jar that you use for your workouts. I’ve seen people use tip jars in their houses in which they give themselves a tip for every day that they workout. After a certain amount of tips earned, they reward themselves with something nice (i.e. a new pair of shoes, a day at the spa, a trip to another city, etc.). The only problem with this scenario? Who has all that extra change/dollars hanging around their house such that they can accurately tip themselves for every workout done?  In the end, I’d have good intentions, but probably wouldn’t be able to track my progress accurately with a real-life tip jar.  Rather, enter the app “Workout Tip Jar,” where you no longer need your change with you at all times for every time you workout.

With Workout Tip Jar, you set your goal before you begin (i.e. “Buy a new pair of shoes), set your jar amount (i.e. 100 dollars), set your tip amount (i.e. $1.00/tip), and select your nifty jar.  From thereon, whenever you complete a workout, all you have to do is click “Add Tip” and the jar automatically adds your tip. As you continue to add to your jar and towards your goal, your jar begins to fill up. When you reach your goal, the app congratulates you for your hard work and lets you know, hey, it’s time to go reward yourself with whatever goal you set (i.e. the new shoes). Voila – you have motivation to workout, you’re tracking your progress via the jar, and you get to reward yourself without having to worry about keeping loose change around your house!








Sometimes, when you’re starting or trying to maintain a new lifestyle change, such as working out or eating right, little motivational tools, such as workout tip jar, are really essential for your success. Anything that helps, right? So if you’re wanting an easy, cheap way to motivate yourself to workout or eat healthy, check out the new app!

Happy fitness, everyone!


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