P90X3 Fit Test and How To Accelerate DVD Review

Hey Fitness Lovers,

Happy to announce that my P90X3 arrived today!  Yay!  One day before Christmas – talk about fantastic timing!  Needless to say, I ripped open the box and started pouring through its contents.  My kit came with the 16 “extreme 30 minute” workouts, a bonus workout (by ordering through my coach), a P90X3 hat (a limited time offer can’t be beat, right?), a workout calendar, a “How to Accelerate” DVD, and a thick fitness/nutrition guide.  Sweet!  Oh yeah, and because I’m a nerd, I also bought the elite DVD that has some additional workouts that can be incorporated at the end of the cycle.

Since I literally only got my package less than 3 hours ago, I haven’t had time to read the nutrition/fitness guide from front to back or preview all the DVDs, but I did flip through the guide and glanced at the DVDs and it looks like they are filled with some helpful tips/guidelines/strategies that I’m looking forward to reading in more detail soon (and hopefully blog more about).  At first glance, the nutrition guide definitely seems easy to incorporate and adapt to my current nutrition/food plan, which will be nice.

To start off, I did watch the “How to Accelerate” DVD, which I highly recommend all of you do in advance before plunging straight into the workouts.  It’s fairly short, but chalk full of tips and guidelines for how to follow the program and find success. In addition, it goes over the different types of workouts included (and why), as well as what equipment you will need (and some safety tips).  Overall, I really enjoyed it (Tony’s quite entertaining) and a good preview for what’s to come over the next 90+ days.  It also points out that you should do the fitness test before starting the workouts (which knowing me, I wouldn’t have noticed until I was a week or more into the workouts, so I’m glad it was pointed out here).

After watching the DVD, I grabbed my husband and we set out to complete the fit test.  As the guide points out, “Before beginning an extreme fitness program like P90X3, it’s important to be sure that your level of fitness is adequate” (pg. 26). This test allows someone to see if they are ready for the program by providing minimum requirements for each part of the test. They suggest that if you can’t meet the minimum requirements that you should try a different program (like Power 90) to better prepare your body for this program. The guide states that the test will take about 40 minutes to complete and that you should do it a few days before starting Day 1.  It’s also a nice way to see how much you improve throughout the program by comparing your initial results to your final results at the end.

You start your fit test with a basic warm up (i.e. marching in place followed by low-impact movements like jumping jacks, light jogging, etc.) until you build up a light sweat.  Follow this up with a light stretch. Alternatively, they also suggest completing any warm-up from any p90X3 workout.  My husband and I just decided to warm up with some T25 moves and did a few stretches and – voila -we were ready to go.


The first exercise in your fitness test is – duh duh duh – pull-ups.  I mean, seriously, come on now!  Talk about starting with a nightmare.  The fitness guide outlines how to complete the chin-ups with proper form and provides a spot for you to record your Day 0 and Day 91 results.  It also cautions that some people may not be able to do any pull-ups at the beginning and to not be discouraged. They then state that minimum requirements for  completion which is 3 for men and 1 for women. I really like that they have minimum requirements as it helps motivate you to try harder.

Pull-ups were definitely not my forte, but I attached the pull-up attachment that came with one of my previous orders and it really made the pull-ups more attainable and I can see how this will be critical to use in the workouts (well for suckers like me who can’t do pull-ups independently yet!). My husband, on the other hand, definitely did not need the attachment…


Vertical Leap

The second test is the vertical leap.  Pretty straightforward and my husband and I both pretty much destroyed the minimum requirement (5 inches for males; 3 inches for females).  I attest this to all my time doing T25 and Asylum and my husband’s to his basketball days.



Push-ups were next and pretty standard.  Again both my husband and I did quite well. Minimum requirements were 15 for males and 3 for females (or 15 knee push-ups).


Toe Touch/Flexibility Test

I’m freakishly flexible for some reason, so this particular exercise was super easy for me and I pretty much destroyed the minimum requirements (not to toot my own horn or anything…).  Minimum requirements were reaching no less than 6 inches from your toes).


Wall Squats

My husband and I took turns timing our wall squats.  It seriously looks way easier than it actually is.  We both did well and easily beat the minimum requirements of 1 minute (although it was not a walk in the park).


Bicep Curls

Next were Bicep Curls.  Pretty straightforward. You had to pick a weight that you could do 10 to 15 reps. They recommend a minimum of 20 lbs for men and 8 lbs for women.  Again, these were minimum so we opted for heavier weights.


In and Outs

According to the guide, you should be able to do 25 in and outs, which are ab exercises where you sit and bring your knees in and stretch your legs out without touching the ground with your feet.


Heart Rate Maximizer

The final exercise was the heart rate maximizer where you do jumping jacks at a quick and steady pace for 1 1/2 minutes and then amp it up to a sprint for the last 30 seconds.  You take your heart rate immediately after stopping, then 1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes, and 4 minutes later.  They just state that you should be able to finish the test standing and able to breathe.  The hardest part of this test was trying to get my husband to find his heart rate in the allotted time (apparently he finds it difficult to find his heart rate).


Overall, I really enjoyed the fit test.  I liked the variety of exercises and comparing it to the minimum requirements. In addition, it was lots of fun doing it with my husband (with a little competition involved) and I look forward to seeing how far the program takes me in 90 days by comparing my 90 day results to today!

Please remember that I am not a doctor or a nutritionist or fitness expert.   All information I discuss on my blog is intended for inspiration and educational purposes and is not intended as a medical diagnosis or treatment. Before making any changes to your own health and fitness, I highly recommend speaking with your doctor.


Enter My New Challenge: P90X3

As I’m sure most of you have probably heard now – Beachbody has released a new product (when don’t they release new products, eh?) – P90X3.

Now, I have done a LOT of Beachbody programs, but the works of the infamous Tony Horton I have yet to touch.  That’s right…I am a P90 (and all variations) virgin.  But, this new program is going to change all that.  After completing Focus T25 and loving the extra time I have with shorter workouts (and still loving the results I got!), how can I avoid this new 30 minute workout series?  That’s right!  All of P90X3’s workouts are 30 minutes long (although I think one video is actually 15 minutes). Plus, the program is supposed to be applicable to all fitness levels and you don’t need to be a P90 grad to do it.

You may be wondering why I’ve never done a P90 DVD set since I’m a self-pronounced home-workout junkie.  Well…I don’t really have a good reason for it except that I just didn’t want to drop the moolah on yet another DVD series and I also have never been drawn in by the charms of Mr. Tony Horton (although I know I am in the minority).   So here I go to start my new journey and I am hopefully dragging my husband along with me (and yes, I did get him hooked on Focus T25…!).  I’ve already placed my order and am anxiously awaiting it’s arrival.  As soon as the precious DVDs land on my doorstep, I’ll keep you all posted on my progress and reviews of each workout.

My fingers are crossed that I end up loving this new DVD series and hopefully Mr. Tony Horton himself!

Please remember that I am not a doctor or a nutritionist or fitness expert.   All information I discuss on my blog is intended for inspiration and educational purposes and is not intended as a medical diagnosis or treatment. Before making any changes to your own health and fitness, I highly recommend speaking with your doctor.