Focus T25 Gamma Speed 3.0 Review

Wow….or using one of Shaun T’s signature words, Focus T 25 Gamma Speed 3.0 was amazeballs.  I should have known walking into Gamma that I would be in for yet another slammin’ workout that would of course kick my butt, but, as per usual, I was still in shock as I lay panting on the floor, dripping in sweat, steaming with heat, and red as a tomato after my workout.

With Alpha and Beta under my belt, I was feeling fairly confident (and, yes, a bit scared) popping in my first DVD in the Gamma series.  The neat thing about the Gamma set is that you can choose from two different workout calendars – Pure Gamma or Pure Strength.  Pure Gamma is more focused on “getting ripped” while Pure Strength is, obviously, focused on building strength.  I opted for Pure Gamma as it seemed like a better fit in my current stage of fitness.

The first DVD in the Pure Gamma schedule is, of course, Gamma Speed 3.0.  I was expecting something intense (as was reminiscent of Speed 2.0), but still wasn’t fully prepared for this workout.  It was insane. Awesome. Electrifying.  In a sense, it was Speed 2.0 jacked up.  The layout of the DVD is almost identical to Speed 2.0 in that the workout is broken down into two “Rounds”, where you repeat each round three times (at a faster pace and with more intensity) followed by combining the two rounds together with two levels of intensity. The difference is that Shaun T has basically taken some of the moves from Speed 2.0 and ultimately made them harder (yeah, that’s right…harder, and more advanced/intense).  Not all the moves are the same, of course, but you definitely see some parallels. Oh and there are A LOT of burpees.  A. Lot.

Round 1 starts off with out and out turns (yes, very familiar), quick feet up and back (this time they are 180 degrees), 1-2-3 Ts (Heisman); moving quick jabs; hop hop turns (FAST!), push up/in and out ab combo; jabs with power lunges; squat hops with criss crosses (yes, this is where you feel like you’re getting a break…’nough said…), burpees with a plank walk, and a much needed break with some plie jabs. Wowza. Round 1, Level 1 done and I’m already feeling it – and 5 minutes hasn’t even passed yet!  At this point, I know my butt is getting a good kicking (and probably well deserved).  You repeat this round twice (again each time is much more intense and for a shorter duration of time).

Round 1 done, Round 2 to go.  At this point, I’m kind of hoping my dog will come down to distract me so I can get a breather….but, no luck.  She must be in cahoots with my hubby to make sure I don’t bail out like I was complaining about doing earlier (hey, we all have those days).  I decide to have a little chat with her later, because Shaun T ain’t about to stop.  Round 2, or as I like to think of it, “Burpee Heaven,” begins with “T” Drops with alternating knee raises, followed by burpees with spider lunges, jabs and squat thrusts, burpees and push-up jacks (Um…OW), speed knees and up and overs, burpees and ski abs (good thing I like burpees….), power knees (ahhhh…nice temporary “break” from the burpees), burpees and pike ups (I mean…for real, Shaun T????), power squats with jog backs, and, finally, just because we haven’t done enough, burpees with front kicks.  Yeah. It was insane.  There were definitely points where I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it through the workout. But, Shaun T being Shaun T, kept on motivating and the moves flew by so quickly that I really didn’t have much time to contemplate my lack of willpower, so I carried on.

After Round 2’s succession, we get a jog recovery, and I jog all the way to my water bottle, because I am DYING (and I don’t feel so bad, because they stop and give each other high five’s too, so hey, maybe I’m not horribly out of shape at this point, maybe everyone feels this way…or not).  After a quick drink and some more jogging, we go from the top (Round 1 and Round 2 combined) at a Level 1 (yeah, ’cause it’s so darn easy, right….? Insert horrified expression and flash of panic). We then get a quick jog recovery and go from the top again at a level 2 (more intensity, shorter duration). Then Shaun T calls “Time” (THANK goodness!) and although I want to keel over and pass out on the floor, I stick it out for the cool down. My dog somehow realizes I’m done the workout and no longer tempted to quit, so she trots down the stairs and gives me some much needed kudos kisses.

So, all in all, this workout was killer. It, like the other T25 DVDs, goes by in a flash, makes you feel amazing, and tests your willpower and focus. It’s no joke. And, again, I get to put another tip into my Workout Tip Jar. Wahoo!

Please remember that I am not a doctor or a nutritionist or fitness expert.   All information I discuss on my blog is intended for inspiration and educational purposes and is not intended as a medical diagnosis or treatment. Before making any changes to your own health and fitness, I highly recommend speaking with your doctor.

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