Focus T25 Beta Rip’T Circuit Review

The third workout in Focus T25’s Beta phase is called the Rip’t Circuit and is described as “Cardio, upper body, legs, abs. Repeat. That’s how Shaun T gets you ripped in 25 minutes.” To be honest, that’s a pretty accurate description of the workout. You do a cardio move, followed by an upper body exercise, a leg exercise, an ab exercise and then repeat with a different exercise targeting each area. In comparison to the Total Body Circuit DVD, I actually thought this one was a bit easier. Definitely not “easy,” but easier than it’s Alpha counterpart. However, that’s just my opinion and your viewpoint may be completely different.

I actually did this workout after doing Speed 2.0 so I was a little nervous going into it (Speed 2.0 had kicked my butt), but actually quite enjoyed the DVD (perhaps because it felt easy compared to Speed 2.0).  The one thing that really stood out to me in this workout series was that we strayed away from the typical 30 second intervals we had been doing in other DVDs. In this workout, each exercise is basically a full minute long. Furthermore, this DVD actually requires some dumbbells or resistance bands, which we haven’t had to use prior to this. The one aspect that kind of disappointed me here was that Shaun T doesn’t recommend any weights or tell you how heavy the people are lifting (although we do see some of their weights when they pan in). It would have been nice to know where about to start.

The DVD starts off with some slow control jogs (cardio), followed by squat push-ups (upper body), palm down squat thrusts (legs), and alternating straight leg kicks (abs). The next set is speed and agility (cardio), followed by reciprocating bicep curls (upper body), deep lunge pulses (legs), and alternating straight leg lifts on the floor (abs). You can see the trend, eh?  The remaining exercises include fast alternating speed knees, arnold presses, weighted squat pulses, dual heel taps, high switch kicks, single leg lawnmowers, air plank and one leg burpees (so fun!), hip up “v” holds, high jump and twisting abs, single leg tricep presses, deadlifts and curl squats, knees in and out tap downs, half tuck jumps, 4 count wide push-ups, weighted moving squats, 4 count dual leg lifts, finishing with 5 count power abs. And of course, we have the optional and much appreciated cool down to wrap things up.

Overall, I enjoyed this workout. Not as strenuous as some of the others but still fun and quite intense at times. A good total body workout, but it won’t leave you wondering how you survived it at the end – you just do. Another tip for my Workout Tip Jar.


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