Focus T25 Beta Speed 2.0 Review

Um…wow.  That’s how I’m going to describe Focus T25’s Beta Speed 2.0 workout.  When I popped in the DVD, I was fully expecting something similar to Alpha Speed 1.0, which involved a combination of speed and stability/stretch exercises. In essence, it was the “easy” workout in the Alpha series. Speed 2.0 is definitely not easy.

According to the package, Speed 2.0 “picks up the pace and throws in some new Speed moves.” Um…yeah, that’s for sure. As soon as you pop in the DVD, you know something is going to be different. The music is fast paced and Shaun T skydives you into the exercises. The format of this DVD is a bit different than the previous ones, in that you start off with “Round 1/Level 1”, which obviously means that there will be more rounds and more levels. Round 1 consists of a series of super fast-paced speed exercises, including out and out turns, quick feet up and back, alternating speed knees slow, slow mountain climbers, jab outs, low switch kicks, speed and agility, and up and overs. Each exercise in the first level is about 30 seconds long and literally flies by. You feel this workout the second it starts (which is actually totally awesome). Now on to Level 2. Level 2 consists of the exact same exercises but at about 20 seconds each and a harder/faster intensity. Level 3 cuts the time down to 10 seconds a piece and ups the intensity even more. And yes, at this point, I am dying and wondering what in the world I just stepped into. On the plus side, the pace is going so quickly, I already know the moves, and I’m pushing myself so hard that the time is literally flying by. After the first round, Shaun T gives you a “break” with a jog recovery (oh how I have never loved jogging so much in my life..).

Next, we move onto Round 2, which consists of low crossjacks, hops up and back, hop hop squats, squat hops up and back, single leg speed knees, jack uppercuts, zigzag hops, and “x” lunges. Again, you repeat these exercises for Level 2 and Level 3 and then get that glorious jog recovery at the end where you are thankful your heart hasn’t literally popped out of your chest (in an awesome way of course).

We then move onto doing all the exercises from the top (so both rounds back to back). We repeat this again but a bit faster, get a luxurious jog recovery, and then whip out the moves from the top one last time and for one move each. We finish the last few seconds off with one last glorious jog.

Wow. Hot shizam. What the expletive did I just do???!  That DVD started and finished before I knew what happened to me and I loved every second of it. Maybe I’m a glutton for punishment but I love workouts that push me to my extremes and Speed 2.0 definitely did that. It was fun, fast-paced, and a kick-butt workout. I was sweating buckets by the end and my heart was pounding. And…to my sick amazement, I totally could have done that all over again (perhaps after a brief break and a gallon of water).

This may actually be my favorite workout so far. It was definitely cardio-based and used a lot of the exercises that we had learned throughout the Alpha phase (including some new additions) which helped keep me on track. Another well-earned tip goes into my Workout Tip Jar.

Shaun T…I love you, man.


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3 thoughts on “Focus T25 Beta Speed 2.0 Review

  1. I bought T25 and I am very Happy with it but I am almost done the Alpha part and I am going into the Beta soon and I never received the Speed 2.0 and I am trying to find some one to speek with some one so I can receive the disc. I paid for the entire set but I did not receive the entire set.

    • Hi Heidi,

      That’s awesome that you’re enjoying T25, but unfortunate that a disc was missing. I would recommend that you contact Beachbody Customer Support using the following information, as they would be able to assist you:

      Beachbody Customer Service

      Phone 1 (800) 470-7870
      Monday – Friday from 6 am – 6 pm Pacific Time


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