Focus T25 Core Cardio Review (Beta Phase)

Now that I have officially started on week 6 of Focus T25, I have now entered the “Beta” Phase of the workouts. The Alpha phase flew by in a flash and I had a lot of fun throughout the first 5 weeks.  The workouts were super easy to stick with (since they were only 25 minutes, I really couldn’t justify missing them and if I did, I just doubled up the next day). It’s probably the easiest program to stick with that I’ve done thus far.  I look forward to each workout, get my but kicked for 25 minutes, feel great, and then move on with my day.

After the first phase, I’m down 6 lbs and about 1/2 to 1 inch all over. It’s summer and there have been a lot of birthdays, so my food hasn’t been as on par as I would have originally liked, which probably interfered a bit with my overall results.  However, I’m really happy with my progress so far (hey an inch on the hips is an inch on the hips, right???) and am looking forward to the next 5 weeks (and buckling down on my eating  a bit more sternly).

The first workout in the Beta Phase was called “Core Cardio” and is described as a “progressive cardio workout focusing on the core.”  Right off the bat, I noticed a bit of a change from the Alpha phase to the Beta phase. No longer is the warm up somewhat lackadaisical – with the beta phase, we jumped right into switch lunge agility and switch kicks. After 5 weeks of doing a similar warm up in the Alpha phase, I welcomed the fast paced change. Plus, since we had already built our foundation with Alpha, I was a lot more ready for the faster paced Beta phase. After the switch kicks, we jumped into some alternating speed knees (slow then fast), then slowed down a bit for some progressive twisting x lunges (getting progressively more difficult). Although the lunges were slower paced, boy did they kill by the end. I really wanted to focus on proper form and these killed me (in a good way of course).  Felt the burn alright!  At first I was thankful for the slower pace, but not sure if the trade off was actually better! 😉  After the killer lunge progression, we went into a squat progression, which felt like a bit of a reprieve. Still felt the burn, but also kind of gave my heart a bit of a rest from the previous exercises. Next was the first Burnout, which I have grown to love. Nothing feels better than going all out during the Burnout and seeing how well you can kick your own booty while maintaining proper form. I always like to compare my first (probably sad and pathetic) attempt to the final attempt in week 10.

After the first burnout, we went into some jumping progressions (high jump in place, side to side, hop rotations), hammer kicks, shuffles (loved the final shuffle progression which incorporated a burpee), and ending with some plank tap progressions. By the time I got to the plank progressions, I was definitely looking like a sweaty lump of jello. It wasn’t pretty, but it felt good (in that horrible, when will it end, do I have enough will power sort of way…).  Just when you’ve felt like you’ve used up all your energy and strength, it’s time for the final burnout. Thank goodness for Shaun T’s inspirational ways. The DVD then ends with some floor sprints (because my core and shoulders were not feeling it enough already) and ends with some body sprints and body runs (ahh…glorious).

As per usual, Shaun T provides the extra cool down at the end, where I shortly thereafter collapsed into my own pool of sweat on the floor. Hello, Beta, my new friend.

I think this workout came at the most perfect timing. After 5 weeks of the Alpha phase, I was starting to get pretty good at the workouts. My endurance and strength had all been improving and I was giving myself a lot of props (hello inflated ego). Enter Beta phase where I get my egotistical butt handed back to me in a nicely gift-wrapped package of humility (yeah…I’ve got a lot of work to do). It was nice having a new challenge. It’s not so much that this workout was light-years in intensity away from the Alpha videos, but it was a change in pace (a bit faster, less baby steps) and simply different. Overall, very pleased with this workout and am looking forward to seeing Beta’s results (and for trying tomorrow’s workout!). Plus, another tip goes into my Workout Tip Jar.  Yay!


Please remember that I am not a doctor or a nutritionist or fitness expert.   All information I discuss on my blog is intended for inspiration and educational purposes and is not intended as a medical diagnosis or treatment. Before making any changes to your own health and fitness, I highly recommend speaking with your doctor.


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  1. Completed 2 rounds of insanity and loved it!

    I’ve just completed my 4th wk of the alpha round and looking forward to beta. I can honestly say I am seeing more definition in my core than I did with insanity ! I’m loving it and enjoy all shaun ts workouts

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