Focus T25 Lower Focus Review

Today is “Double Day Friday” in the Focus T25 world (albeit it is Monday for me…but I started on a different day) which involves two back-to-back workouts: Lower Focus and Cardio.  According to the workout calendar, if you cannot do back-to-back workouts (i.e. due ot time constraints or just physical exhaustion), you can always bump one to the following day.

Here is my review for Focus T25: Lower Focus.

Lower Focus wasn’t as scary as I originally anticipated.  The DVD case states that you will “strengthen and sculpt muscles from the waist down with this lower-body burnout.” Again, the workout lasts 25 minutes and requires no equipment (yay).  Overall, it was a very good workout – easier than the Total Body Circuit but harder than Speed 1.0 (in my opinion). You begin with the warm up that we’ve seen before (knee raises, lift on toes, slow controlled jog, and high knee jog). We then went into some other moves we’ve seen before with jumping jack progressions. At this point, I’m definitely feeling warm and a good sweat is already forming and I’m beginning to wonder if back-to-back workouts is a good idea today!  Next we get into some squat progressions, followed by calf raise progressions, which wrap up with lunge progressions (ahh! The worst…or best depending on how you look at it…my legs were on fiiiiire!).  Just when your legs feel like putty and are burning from all the lunge work, you get dropped directly into your first burnout, which again is a compilation of the culminating exercises from each progression.  Oi vay…they weren’t kidding with “lower focus.”

After the first burnout, you’re thinking, “Ah…no more lunges or squats…yay!”… but then you realize you’re wrong…terribly….terribly…wrong.  You jump right back into a lunge/squat progression (at this point, squats are my leg “break”…enjoying every painful one…). We then get into some abductor squat progressions which feel amazing in comparison to those lunges. We then get into some up and over squat combinations and dead lift progressions, which are actually feeling pretty amazing.  Then comes…burnout 2. We wrap up the video with some hop squat/hip flexor exercises and celebrate when Shaun T calls “TIME!”.

Overall, I thought this was a great workout – my legs got a beating (which is the point), my heart rate was elevated, and I was a less than picture-perfect sweaty mess (I mean…really…should anyone be looking “cute” after a kick-butt workout?? If you do, then kudos to you…). 😉  Because the exercises are short and progress in difficulty, I tended to stay in each exercise longer than I may have in different exercise DVDs (i.e. I usually give up on lunge holds, but because it was a progression and shorter intervals, I found I could hold it for the time required or at least close to). Another Thumbs Up to Mr. Shaun T and another tip for my Workout Tip Jar.


Please remember that I am not a doctor or a nutritionist or fitness expert.   All information I discuss on my blog is intended for inspiration and educational purposes and is not intended as a medical diagnosis or treatment. Before making any changes to your own health and fitness, I highly recommend speaking with your doctor.

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