Focus T25 Alpha Ab Intervals Review

Just because I’m a bit of a glutton for punishment, after I let myself recuperate a bit from doing Focus T25’s Alpha Total Body Circuit, I decided to throw in Ab Intervals, as I was trying to double up since I was off schedule. This was, of course, after literally taking 5 minutes to dry myself off with a towel (I was not kidding about looking like a beet…in fact, more like a beet simmering in some hot water…). I’m not a huge fan of ab workouts in general (I do them, because I know there is merit in them, but I don’t particularly enjoy them. I much prefer fast cardio), so I wasn’t particularly looking forward to this workout. However, I found myself pleasantly surprised. On the DVD pocket for Ab Intervals, it states, “Get a shredded core with this interval-based fat-burning routine.”  It also calls for a workout mat (they more specifically ask for a Beachbody mat, but I just used one of my own). You start off with some stretching (child’s pose and plank, followed up with down dog and plank and progressing to down dog and spider lunge and down dog and oblique knee).  You got it, this is yet another DVD that progresses the exercises from easy to hard. At this point, however, I am quite enjoying the little progressions as they build upon each other (I have an idea of what I’m getting myself into and it makes it feel like it goes by quickly). We then go into a variety of ab exercises, including low planks, side planks, and v sits. Because we had just done some planks and core exercises in the previous DVD, I was really starting to feel them quite quickly, and was referring to Tania’s modifications a bit earlier than I’d originally liked). Suddenly, however, we got up and did some cardio – say what? Cardio during an ab workout?? Sweet!  The cardio moves naturally worked our core, but it was so nice to have a break from doing focused core work on the floor. The first cardio move we had to do was alternating speed knees and alternating straight leg lifts.  It felt great and kind of gave me the boost to keep on going (like I said, I’m not a fan of ab workouts…). The video follows this progression of focused ab work followed by a cardio move that works the core. There’s a lot of variety in the ab exercises (including planks, leg lifts, scissor legs, etc.) which helps hold your interest as the DVD progresses. I also liked that Shaun T included back exercises as it plays an important part in strengthening your core (i.e. superman, rocketman, etc.) which reminded me a bit of the Asylum DVDs.

Overall, I really enjoyed Ab Intervals (which I was really not expecting). I don’t think I’ll ever be dying to do them, but this ab workout definitely tops the batch that I’ve done in the past, probably because it is fast paced and gives you some cardio breaks between sets of moves. Another well-earned tip goes into my Workout Tip Jar.


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