Intro to JavaScript

My Intro to JavaScript

My first foray into programming began with (queue ominous sounding music) JavaScript!  With my husband’s suggestion, I decided to start learning programming with the assistance of the FREE (gotta love it) Codecademy website. I’ve just started exploring Codecademy, but am loving what I’m seeing so far.  After you sign-up, they bring you to a “Learn” page that outlines different “Tracks,” which are “series of courses grouped to help you master a topic or language” (  They provide a variety of tracks, including Web Fundamentals, JavaScriptjQueryPythonRuby, and others.  Codecademy provides a brief synopsis of what each programming track entails and what it does, which provides a quick and easy snapshot. Marty suggested I start with JavaScript, so I clicked away and, voila, began programming.

Once I selected JavaScript, I was brought to a page that breaks down the learning into a series of major topics and exercises (courses as they refer to them).  The JavaScript page was broken down into 8 major sections with each of those sections separated into separate courses (see photo).


 I began with the “Introduction to JavaScript” series and found each of the exercises easy to follow and quick to pick up on. One aspect that I really enjoy about Codecademy is that they provide a brief description of what you are about to learn followed by basic instructions to complete each “exercise” (see photo).


If you get stuck on an exercise, most exercises have a little “Hint” section which you can click on for more advice, tips, and tricks.


The very beginning basics of JavaScript seemed pretty easy to follow and apply, which was nice.  I liked that Codecademy broke down what you were learning to make it manageable and allowed for success.  As you complete exercises and tasks, you earn points and badges, which adds a little “oomph” to the whole process (Yay, gold star for me). It is also designed so that you are making games right away (you start with a very basic “Choose Your own Adventure” game), which always makes things a little more fun. They also encourage you to make your own. The intro was definitely useful, interesting and informative.

The second section for JavaScript, called “Functions,” was a bit more difficult. I tried this section on a different day and found that I sometimes forgot what I had learned prior to this.  However, the website provides little hints and a Google search is easy to use, so again, the design of the website really aids in your success (and simply the luxury of the World Wide Web).  If I got really stuck, I (luckily) could easily just ask my husband or you can always go back and “review” past exercises. I have a feeling that by the time I complete all 8 sections, that what I learned in the beginning will be cemented securely in my brain through the sheer repetition of the exercises.  Because I am just learning the language right now, some things that seem tricky will become easier and ingrained in my memory (i.e. remembering what parentheses to use and when to use them).

I have definitely been enjoying my first exploration into programming, although there were definitely a few grumblings here and there (grrr….parentheses!).

If you are looking to start learning to program for fun, I definitely recommend checking out Codecademy. Not only is it super fun and easy to use, but it’s free, and nothing gets much better than that!



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