Adventures in Fitness and Programming

Welcome to my new adventures in fitness and programming! ūüôā ¬†I invite you to join me in my journey of exploration, which I’m sure will be coupled with both elation and frustration.

Why Fitness AND Programming?

As I grow older (approaching the big 3-0), I’ve decided to pursue new interests and passions. ¬†I’ve always enjoyed fitness, but have never been an “athlete” or in amazing shape. I grew up playing a whole bunch of different sports (ringette, hockey, soccer, basketball, etc.), but was never the “star.” ¬†Genetics and environmental factors have not been good to me. As such, I have decided that I want to focus more on my overall health, which of course includes fitness. ¬†As someone who is super busy (in reality, who¬†isn’t super busy?), I am going to explore easy ways to incorporate fitness and healthy eating into my daily routines so that I can achieve my healthy living goals. I don’t necessarily have anything specific in mind, but want to simply be a healthier, more improved version of myself.

As part of my journey to healthy living, I will be posting reviews of workouts that I am incorporating or have tried before. In addition, I will post reviews of any products or supplements that I am using or have used.  These will be blatantly honest reviews. I want to share my journey in hopes that my experiences (both successes and failures) help inspire others to achieve their goals.

So…why programming? ¬†Well, my husband is a programmer (he’s a genius at what he does, but don’t tell him¬†I said that…), so I always thought it would be interesting to learn a bit more about what he does on a computer all day long.¬†Couple that with the fact that I have always been interested in math and science, and it seemed like a great topic to explore. My husband makes iPhone apps as a hobby and I thought it would be fun to make some as well. However, before I can even attempt to do that, I need to learn the basics of programming. My husband has pointed me in the direction of Codecademy, which will be my starting point into the land of programming. Throughout my programming journey, I will also provide updates on my learning and experiences. Again, I hope others can learn and grow from my experiences and perhaps inspire me to keep going.

That is all for now.  I hope you enjoy my posts and if you ever have any questions or comments, please feel free to share!

PS – if you want to visit my husband’s blog, go here. ¬†He shares about iOS development and programming in general. You can also learn about the iPhone apps that he has developed.